Farmer’s circle

A modern and responsible farm “Farmers Circle” is  surrounded by nature, in Radiškis village, Ukmergė district.

The philosophy we follow on the farm is not limited to organicity. We believe that sustainability equals responsibility for all the actions we take. Working with nature, not against it, is at the heart of our business.


Organic farming

One of our core principles in our farm is to grow organic produce only.


We believe that sustainability is a complete responsibility for all of our actions.

Working with nature

Our core belief is working with nature and not against it.

“Farmer’s Circle” is not only an organic farm but an original place for your events and celebrations as well.


Platūs žalių laukų vaizdai su tolumoje besiganančiomis jaučių kaimenėmis ir nepakartojama sezoninės gamtos gastronominė patirtis šiuolaikiniame ekologiškame ūkyje Farmer’s Circle.

Farmer’s Circle is not only an organic farm, but also an original place for events and celebrations in nature. Here you will find the “Black Barn” event and conference venue, the “Red Brick” restaurant, the “Sleeping Horse” place for accommodation , a local produce shop and the “Grain Mill” meeting space with a spacious terrace above it.

Jaukus restoranas šiuolaikiniame raudonų plytų pastate patiks tiems, kurie nori surengti savo šventę paprastoje, bet tuo pačiu prabangioje aplinkoje. Šią patirtį papildo patiekalai, gaminami iš greta esančiose lysvėse augančių daržovių.

Erdvus buvęs svirnas, kuriame sienos neužgožia sezoninės gamtos vaizdų. Greta įrengta atvira grilio erdvė su vaizdu į tvenkinį ir naktį uždegami aukurai padeda kurti žemišką, šiuolaikiško kaimo atmosferą.

Tinkama vieta rengti vestuves, šeimos šventes, įmonių renginius ar net kamerinius koncertus.

Buvęs malūnas, kuriame gaminame Farmer’s Circle prekės ženklo produktus, yra puiki vieta rengti nedideles konferencijas. Medinėje terasoje svečiai galės pasidžiaugti kavos pertraukėlėms su vaizdu į daržovių lysves, tvenkinius ir tolumoje besiganančius galvijus. Užkandžius iš mūsų auginamų daržovių paruoš Farmer’s Circle virėjai.

Farmer’s circle events

You will be able to focus on  the moments of your celebration because we will take care of all the details that make the night perfect. If you have a vision for the event or ideas for the celebration – contact us as most of the things are possible!

Farm visit & lunch

Enjoy the day in nature of 600-hectare farm and learn more about holistic farming. The tour is led by our farm guide, who will introduce different gardening techniques, providing you with a possibility to see how vegetables and herbs are grown in our gardens with your own eyes.


We invite you to organize conference in a unique environment and thus escape the city’s noise in this way concentrating on the things that really matter to your team. “Farmer’s Circle” conference venues surrounded by 600 ha of pure nature, meadows, forests, animals and gardens allow you to fully concentrate on the work and during the breaks relax in an inspiring atmosphere.

A day out of the office or team building in the farm

We offer your team to spend high-quality time outside of your usual office. Our modern farm “Farmer’s Circle“ surrounded by 600 hectares of pure nature and animals, will create relaxing atmosphere that will enhance and stimulate your team’s creativity.

Cook with chef

Our chefs invite you to our farm “Farmer’s Circle” for interactive training that will not only educate but will inspire you to reach excellence in the kitchen as well.

Fire circle

Merge into the wildlife and take in new flavors and experiences created by the fire. It is a food preparation ritual by which we are following ancestor’s traditions and connecting fire and smoke to create unique flavors.


Design your dream wedding in a unique Scandinavian style farm “Farmer’s Circle”. There are no limits to your imagination regarding whole celebration scenario, weather you want to celebrate indoors or out in the open air – here we are offering you both.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you to host a successful event at Farmer’s Circle?